Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Give My Husband (The Big Baby) A CRIB Award

I'm calling on Jameel's internet buddies (you know, his imaginary friends) to vote for The Muqata for Best Parody so that he can move on with his life and leave the house again. Voting has been extended until Tuesday.

Coincedently, the post about Sukkot was the only one that had some semblance of truth to it and I think it's hysterical that "Jameel" thinks I don't know about the lemons. While he thought he was putting one over on me and the ba'alei teshuva, it was always enjoyable watching him cringe from the citric acid eating into his worn three-walled sukkah-building hands.

And so I encourage you to enter a write-in vote for Why I’m Glad That Every Day of My Life Isn’t Sukkot in the Best Post comments section.

Thank you, and for G-d's sake, after you vote, would you please logoff and pay attention to your spouses?

Whenever I turn, Jameel is on the internet


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